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Azar Jiwan Azar Jiwan Certified Advanced Rolfer Rolf Movement Practitioner 200 Granville Street Ottawa, Ontario K1L 6Y6 Subscriber
Tara Detwiler Tara Detwiler Certified Advanced Rolfer Rolf Movement Practitioner The Rolfing Center 470 Grace Street Toronto, Ontario M6G 3A9 Subscriber
Joyce Cruvinel Joyce Cruvinel Certified Rolfer 120 Raglan Ave Toronto, Ontario M6C 2L4 Active Subscriber
Lindsay Shane Lindsay Shane Certified Rolfer 634 Euclid Avenue Toronto, Ontario M6G 2T5 Subscriber
Jennifer Hayes Jennifer Hayes Certified Advanced Rolfer Rolf Movement Practitioner 729 St. Clair Ave. West Toronto, Ontario M6C 1B2 Subscriber
Brent Scrivner Brent Scrivner Certified Rolfer 1 Bowood Ave Toronto, Ontario M4N 1Y3 Subscriber
Allison Talacko Allison Talacko Certified Rolfer 28 Wychwood Park Toronto, Ontario M6G 2V5 Subscriber
Charlene Yeh Charlene Yeh Certified Rolfer 36 Madison Ave (2nd Floor) Toronto, Ontario M5R 2S1 Subscriber
Paul Clifford Paul Clifford Certified Rolfer 127 Stanley Ave Peterborough, Ontario K9H 1J2 Subscriber
Kaj Devai Kaj Devai Certified Advanced Rolfer Rolf Movement Practitioner 50 Governor's Road, #615 Dundas, Ontario L9H 5M3 Subscriber
René-Pierre Bourgoin René-Pierre Bourgoin Certified Rolfer 1082 de Salaberry Quebec City, Quebec G1R 2V8 Subscriber
Monica Canducci Monica Canducci Certified Rolfer Rolf Movement Practitioner Adaptive Bodywork 3167 rue Saint-Catherine est, Montréal QC, H1W 2C4 Canada Montreal, Quebec H1W 2C4 Subscriber
Marie-José Leclerc Marie-José Leclerc Certified Advanced Rolfer Rolf Movement Practitioner Montreal, Quebec H2H 1J6 Subscriber
Jim Lewis Jim Lewis Certified Advanced Rolfer Self 859 Dollard Ave Outremont, Quebec H2V 3G8 Subscriber
Jonathan Varghese Jonathan Varghese Certified Rolfer Rolfing, Osteopathy, and Wholebody Resourcing at Voie de la Santé Montreal, Quebec H2T Subscriber
Norman Holler Norman Holler Certified Advanced Rolfer Box 31367 Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 6K8 Subscriber
Juliette Anglehart-Zedda Juliette Anglehart Zedda Certified Rolfer Whitehorse, Yukon Subscriber
Valisha Keough Valisha Keough Certified Rolfer Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland and Labrador A2A 1P9 Active Subscriber
Monica Aguirre Monica Aguirre Certified Rolfer Hill and Sky Rolfing 1 Bowood Avenue Toronto, Ontario M4N 1Y3 Active Subscriber
Lydee Stainton Lydee Stainton Certified Rolfer Soul to Sole Rolfing 4525 Holmes Rd. Prince George, British Columbia V2N 5V1 Active Subscriber
Displaying 41–60 of 64  1 2 3 4