Tracy Leigh Dixon

Credentials: Certified Rolfer
Phone: 778-227-2851
Workplace: Tracy Dixon Structural Integration 175 E Broadway, Vancouver, BC Vancouver, British Columbia V5T 1W2
Other locations:

Online for Somatic Experiencing sessions

A severe back injury, a deep immersion into yoga asana, and a profound and personal experience of the body’s ability to heal itself led me to becoming a certified practitioner in the Rolf Method of Structural Integration in 1997 at the Guild for Structural Integration in Boulder, Colorado and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

What interests me about Structural Integration is not just pain relief, but our potential for changing the relationship to our physical experience and, through that, our relationships to our ever-changing inner and outer worlds. This method is about supporting people to find freedom. We are amazing creatures with boundless potential. I feel most alive when I remember this, and when I see others remembering the same as they discover wisdom in their own body, and its capacity to heal itself.

I show up in this work with compassion, curiosity, and trust in the client’s wisdom about what their body needs. It is my aim to hold physical and emotional stories with care and humility while facilitating new relationships to alignment, mobility, and capacity.

My work is influenced by a passion for exploring all kinds of movement, my meditation practice, and ongoing continuing education. I have been formally studying nervous system-based approaches to trauma resolution since 2013, and am a practitioner of Relational Trauma Therapy, (Merete Holm Brantbjerg) Somatic Resilience and Regulation, (Kathy Kain & Stephen Terrell), and Somatic Experiencing (Peter Levine).

I offer Rolfing sessions in person and Somatic Therapy sessions remotely.