Peter VanZyverden

Credentials: Certified Rolfer
Phone: 12507920362
Workplace: Life Aligned Rolfing 2816 Bruce Street Cumberland, British Columbia V0R 1S0

Rolfing® SI appealed to me because of its holistic approach to the body as a system. I feel that it honors the complexity and interwoven nature of the body and the needs of the whole person.  Working within the 10 series allows a framework for lasting development and change that other modalities may not always provide.  A skilled Rolfer™ brings technical proficiency and knowledge  of the body, while  maintaining  respect for each persons radical individuality.

Rolfing® has helped me find an ease in my body that I never had before.  I have learned to trust in my body’s innate wisdom and ability to heal and organize itself.   Rolfing® SI focused on the physical issues that I was coming up against.  Through the process of unwinding physical inhibitions and finding greater balance and ease in my body, I have seen that it can impact all aspects of life, and that the process of self discovery is ever deepening, expanding, and ongoing.

My hope as a Rolfer™ is to create a safe space to explore your unique expression of balance, ease, and harmony and to help you find new options in your structure, and in your life.