Lydee Stainton

Credentials: Certified Rolfer
Phone: (250) 641-3450
Workplace: Soul to Sole Rolfing 4525 Holmes Rd. Prince George, British Columbia V2N 5V1

I am truly blessed to practice Rolfing®️. Receiving work from my Rolfer™️ has been one of many gifts I am grateful for everyday. I am excited to be able to facilitate this practice to my clients and be a part of their journey in getting their bodies feeling better and working efficiently, moving with ease and fluidity. I feel that allowing my clients to have knowledge and awareness about their bodies is a good solid foundation of being empowered to heal mind, body and spirit. When the body feels good and eased of pain, the mind can focus on many possibilities and wonderment the body is capable of doing which allows our soul and spirit to be lifted to a new level of joy.