Jonathan Varghese

Credentials: Certified Rolfer
Phone: (514) 284-2588
Workplace: Voie de la Santé à Cacouna, Bas-du-fleuve et Montreal, Quebec
Other locations:

Visite à domicile à Montréal et domicile/village en région autour du Fleuve St. Laurent (est de St. Jean Port-Joli)

I have been a Certified Rolfer in Montreal with Voie de la Santé since 2014. Even though I am moving to a small village near Rivière du Loup in the Lower Saint Laurent region, I will still be returning monthly to Montreal to see clients. My practice integrates Rolfing principles into my osteopathic practice. I was inspired by my training  with French Rolfer, Hubert Godard between 2007-2009.  He made a major contribution to Rolfing by bringing into sessions experiential learning around perception, coordination, and movement awareness. Since 2007, I have continued to immerse myself in this line of inquiry through continuing mentoring and study with Kevin Frank and Caryn McHose in New Hampshire  who are respectively, from the Rolfing and Somatic Experiencing world.

Through my Rolfing practice I was able to  help people from many different walks of life and especially people having a difficult time finding relief, to experience greater ease and range of movement.  Prior to Rolfing, I worked as both a Somatic Movement Therapist (ISMETA) with adults in private practice, and as a Somatic Movement Educator (ISMETA) in a pediatric setting using developmental movement principles from the Body-Mind Centering® inspired curriculum through training with Mark Taylor (Pittsburgh, PA).

As an osteopath, I currently weave all of my background into the principles and practice of osteopathy to support babies, pregnant mothers, parent-child bonding, children in all kinds of situations, adults from all walks of life, the elderly, and the dying.  

I currently offer receipts in osteopathy through the association of Ostéopathie Québec

I began my osteopathic studies informally through mentoring with a French osteopath colleague in 2009. Due to my values, approach, and background working with movement through a healing context with children with neurological and visual impairment in an aquatic and mat setting, I was privileged in 2012 to begin study and mentoring with osteopathic physicians in the United States.  I have continued extensive study in the States since then. I completed my formal osteopathic studies at the Collége d’Études Ostéopathiques de Montréal which involved research.

My prior background includes study of contemporary dance accompaniment as a musician in Vancouver where I learned to create music to support movement that comes from inside the dancer. I carried this forward in learning to support primary movement impulses in young children who have gone through traumatic episodes in early stages of life.  During my University of Toronto studies, I worked summers assisting and leading trips in the field of outdoor experiential and therapeutic adventure (white-water and lake settings). I have learned to work with people since late adolescence through seeing them in their Health and supporting them to find their way  instinctively towards their gifts and potential by relating to the natural world. I have also taught both high-school and elementary physical education prior to working specifically with movement as ‘medicine’. 

Along with handling standard issues of pains and aches in the body, from head to toe, my approach involves regarding and working with you in your wholeness and helping you build a relationship with your Health. In helping you find relief, we will also explore: finding more ease and range in functional movement and posture, deeper integrated functional reserve, more resilience in the immune system, more calm and settling in your nervous system, and invite a more neutral and transparent physiology that can find easier access and inspiration from the forces of creation that naturally support growth and development.  

Typically 2-4 sessions are needed to see a shift in symptoms thought this number can vary based on how chronic and acute your situation.  Usually what is rigid in your body and making you feel pain is coming from a deeper cause which we want to set free so that you can move easily in life again, without having to be preoccupied with your body, or old and unhelpful patterns. For the first session, I recommend taking a 75-90 minute block.  Following sessions can be 60 minutes in length though my Montreal sessions tend to often remain 75 minutes.