Benefits of Rolfing® Structural Integration

People leaving their Rolfing sessions feel straightened out, like their form has been ironed skillfully, and often free from system-wide tension: the twists have been de-rotated, the pockets of compression have gained some space, the feet feel the planet in a new way and sometimes their head is naturally reaching to the sky, lifting their spine with it.

A Rolfer™ is an educator, teaching by touch, how to feel, breathe, sit, stand, and generally organize oneself in the gravitational field.  A Rolfer is a facilitator, listening carefully to the experience of the client, and with educated touch helping the client reach their goals of length and ease they’ve been seeking in their workouts, stretch exercises, and movement classes.

Aches and pains seem to collect in our bodies as we age and we call this ‘getting old’.  Dr. Ida P. Rolf called it succumbing to gravity. The body remembers all the gestures, all the injuries, all the overwhelming moments in our lives. The postures of these moments stick with us, unbalancing the blocks of our structure, allowing gravity to collapse parts that had contained space.

“In Rolfing®, we work in terms of alignment. We align the myofascial structure.  If you stack the body blocks properly, you can get maximum efficiency in the way that body works. “

– Dr. Ida P. Rolf (1896-1979)

Benefits of Rolfing:

  1.  Three – dimensional breathing
  2.  Feet gain dynamic range of motion
  3.  Length in spine, feeling more upright
  4.  Increased mobility in whole body during movement
  5.  Greater balance while sitting, standing, and walking
  6.  Alleviate chronic structural pain
  7.  Mind and heart feel free from old behavioural patterns
  8.  Recovery from traumatic experiences
  9.  Improved athletic performance
  10.  Maintenance of a balanced posture while aging