Description of a Rolfing® session

Every Rolfing® session takes place in a treatment room / office prepared by the Rolfer™, either in a home office or a business space.Image result for massage table

The length of Rolfing session varies with individual Rolfers from 60 minutes to 90 minutes and prices vary from $100 to $180 per session, depending on Canadian region and the experience of the practitioner.

Clients can expect to fill out some paperwork regarding their medical history, the reasons for the visit and general contact information.  Clients also may need to read and sign a consent form.  It is important that both the client and the Rolfer agrees to the terms of the session (price, length, goals for the work).  All relevant medical background needs to be reported to the Rolfer for the safety of the client.  Rolfing is not intended as a replacement for medical treatment; Rolfing is intended to complement medical care.

Clients will be asked to dress down to underwear so the Rolfer can observe them standing and walking. The Rolfer will use their expertise to see the patterns of anatomy and form that contribute to the person’s structural experience.  Once the Rolfer has a clear idea about what touch interventions will be best for the session, the client will be asked to lay down on a treatment table or sit on a Rolfing bench or do some movement interventions while standing.

Rolfing work is a dynamic touch therapy.  Clients are encouraged to ask questions, and to talk with their Rolfer while the touch work is taking place.  While the touch experience may feel intense at times it should also feel useful.  Rolfer and client work together to realize the structural goals of the client.

At the end of a Rolfing session, clients have a variety of experiences.  It is often recommended to schedule some free time for self-care after a Rolfing session.  Some people feel temporary stiffness like after a workout, some people feel like they’d like a nap, and some report feeling energized. Rolfers will often give movement suggestions for clients to work with at home.

One Rolfing session is delivered in the context of a Rolfing series.  Dr. Ida P. Rolf developed a ten-session series that is a wholistic touch therapy that addresses the whole body systematically.

We encourage you to read more about the 10-series and Structural Integration research.