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We dedicate this site to the years it took to build the Rolfing® Association of Canada (RAC) to where we are today. This site, and all the efforts of the  volunteer Board of Directors (past and present), has been done by Canadian Rolfers™ for Canadian Rolfers.

Orienting to the site

  • Find a Canadian Rolfer™

You have a profile on this website that is yours to keep up to date.  When you log in, you will see where you can edit your public profile picture, office location, and business information. This will be searchable in the “Find a Rolfer” section.

We have a private contact information section in your profile and we ask that you keep this information current so that the Rolfing Association of Canada can stay in touch with you.

Also, some of us have two locations that we practice out of, at this time our “Find a Rolfer” feature is capable of searching for only one of your locations, so please pick your primary practice location for your profile.  In the description section you can easily write your second location for the public to see as well.

Important forms will be made available to you as we grow this login member section.

  • Information about Rolfing® in Canada

The profession of Structural Integration is still new to most Canadians and it is important that this website describe the work done by graduates from the Dr Ida Rolf Institute (DIRI) for a variety of audiences.

1. For members

In addition to your own public professional profile, this website has an active blog where you will be able to find information about upcoming meetings, continuing education courses, and public events. Let us know if you have an event in your area where you will be talking about Rolfing, we will put it on our blog.

2. For the public

This website aims to inform the public about Dr. Ida P. Rolf (IPR), describe her unique contribution to manual therapy, and give current information about our scope of practice.

The discerning client will want to know the evidence based research and academic based models that have grown from the legacy of IPR and are taught by the DIRI.  This website is a place to find this information and more.

3. For insurers

Since we are a small category of manual therapists, insurance companies don’t always know what to do when our clients submit our receipts.  This website will be able to orient insurance providers to our category of wellness services that are highly sought after by the public.

4. For the media

We are a growing organization and we want journalists who hear about Rolfers to easily find information about our profession.  This website has a specific section for journalists and media professionals to make contact and get their questions answered.

5. For people who would like to become Rolfers™

We aim to build the Rolfing profession in Canda, increasing the number of Certified Rolfers practicing across our beautiful country.  This website will be key for guiding interested people towards their goal of joining the Rolfing Association of Canada and becoming Certified Rolfers in Canada.

This is an exciting time for Rolfers in Canada.  Peer-reviewed research, regular international conferences, and communication technology advances have allowed Canadian Rolfers stay connected and informed like never before.  We intend this website to be a vibrant and growing home base for the Canadian Rolfing community.  Please join us at our general meetings, volunteer with us on special projects, and come to our Canadian Structural Integration trainings. We look forward to hearing from you.

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The Board of Directors for the Rolfing® Association of Canada