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Mike Hladun Mike Hladun Certified Advanced Rolfer #204 - 621 8th Street New Westminister, British Columbia V3M 3S5 Active Subscriber
Michal Kapic Michal Kapic Certified Rolfer Ocean Wellness Clinic #200 - 1401 Lonsdale Ave North Vancouver, British Columbia V7M 2H9 Active Subscriber
Mayumi Hara Mayumi Hara Certified Rolfer Rolf Movement Practitioner #103 (*second Floor) 9942-82 Ave NW Edmonton, Alberta T6E 1Y9 Active Subscriber
Marl Bouchard Marl Bouchard Certified Rolfer Victoria, British Columbia Limited Subscriber
Miranda Dayvis-Greenacre Miranda Dayvis-Greenacre Certified Advanced Rolfer Rolf Movement Practitioner 3579 Delson Drive Ottawa, Ontario K4B 1K6 Active Subscriber
Monica Canducci Monica Canducci Certified Rolfer Rolf Movement Practitioner Deux-Montagnes, Quebec J7R 4P3 Limited Subscriber
Marie-José Leclerc Marie-José Leclerc Certified Advanced Rolfer Rolf Movement Practitioner Rolfing, Travail Cérémoniel et Rituel, Danse-Méditation, Ateliers d'archétypes, Médiumnité // Rolfing, Ritual and Ceremonial Work, Dance-Meditation, Archetypes Workshops, Channeling Montreal, Quebec H2H 1J6 Active Subscriber
Monica Aguirre Monica Aguirre Certified Rolfer Hill and Sky Rolfing Vancouver, North Vancouver, British Columbia Active Subscriber