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L’intégration structurelle est une thérapie par contact direct des mains (thérapie manuelle) qui vise à aligner le corps dans l’axe gravitationnel.

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Renseignez-vous sur les assemblées générales annuelles du conseil d’administration et le calendrier de nos prochains cours de formation continue.

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L’Association canadienne de Rolfing® (ACR) est le regroupement professionnel des rolfers™ qui pratiquent l’intégration structurelle par le Rolfing® au Canada.

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We are excited to share that we are offering Basic Training here in Canada.  Check out our Become A Rolfer page for more information.

We are no longer the CRA! On September 17th, 2017 at the SGM the membership voted to change the name from the Canadian Rolfing® Association to the Rolfing® Association of Canada. The french name: Association canadienne de Rolfing® remains the same. The rationale for the name change was to avoid being confused the with Canadian Revenue Agency, as we shared the same acronym: CRA. By changing the name to the Rolfing® Association of Canada, we can use the acronym, RAC, &hellip read more

The Rolfing® Association of Canada (RAC) is pleased to launch this new website!   The French side of the website is still under construction and will be available shortly.  Thank you for your patience!