Joyce Cruvinel

Credentials: Certified Rolfer
Phone: (437) 423-0919
Workplace: Maison Pilates 209 Wicksteed Ave, suite 49 Toronto Toronto, Ontario M4G 0B1

Joyce Cruvinel earned a bachelor degree in Physiotherapy in Brazil before moving to Canada. In 2005 she completed a M.Sc. in Human Kinesiology at UQAM, in Montreal. In 2009 she became a fully Certified Pilates Instructor in order to help herself and others to overcome their injuries by regaining physical strength. She has since worked with Post-Rehabilitative Pilates. However, experience proved to her that an unbalanced body cannot move effectively and pain free. Searching for a way to improve her own body misalignments she discovered Rolfing and experienced the benefits of resolving pain, correcting imbalances and greatly facilitated ease of movement. Fascinated by the results obtained and the holistic approach of Rolfing, she became a Certified Rolfer in June 2015 at the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in Boulder, Colorado. She is now incorporating the Rolfing SI and teaching Pilates to help her clients to overcome injuries, improve posture, reduce chronic pain and be more aligned on their own bodies. Joyce became a Registered Holistic Nutritionist in 2020 and is now integrating her knowledge in nutrition to optimize her client’s health.