Donald Bruce

Credentials: Certified Rolfer, Rolf Movement Practitioner
Phone: (780) 432-1607
Workplace: Somatic Works - Rolfing and Body Psychology 10548 - 115 Street Edmonton, Alberta T5H 3K6
Other locations:

Fort Assiniboine

Don Bruce has been practicing Rolfing® since 1997. He has been trained in Rolfing, Rolf Movement, Therapeutic Massage, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Trauma Energetics, Therapeutic Touch, Chi Gong, and has a BA in Psychology.
As a child, Don had two major accidents leaving his body and spine compromised. In his late twenties he received Rolfing structural integration. He was immediately hooked and the benefits were numerous including; relief from low back pain, less scoliosis, and better posture. He knew he wanted to become a Rolfer.
Don also works with the body-mind connection with a modality he calls Body Psychology. The aim of Body Psychology is to work with your body and mind simultaneously. It helps you to release the painful restrictions in your body and the issues that lie within them.
“I am committed to who you are. I bring focus and detail, openness and warmth to my work. I can address your specific needs and goals, anywhere from a very subtle level to a very deep one, and address issues that lie between.”
Member of NHPC since 2003. To learn more about his practice please visit