New Name!

We are no longer the CRA! On September 17th, 2017 at the SGM the membership voted to change the name from the Canadian Rolfing® Association to the Rolfing® Association of Canada. The french name: Association canadienne de Rolfing® remains the same. The rationale for the name change was to avoid being confused the with Canadian Revenue Agency, as we shared the same acronym: CRA. By changing the name to the Rolfing® Association of Canada, we can use the acronym, RAC, thus avoiding any confusion. The name change has now been made official, so fellow Rolfers™, if you mention the association on your websites, please make sure you update your website with the new name!

Ida P. Rolf (Ph.D.)

« [Transduction] Nous ne sommes pas vraiment droits, nous sommes seulement enroute pour être debout. L’un des emplois d’un Rolfer ™ est d’accélérer ce processus. Là où la gravité renforce et est un ami, une force nourrissante. »

– Ida P. Rolf  Ph.D.