Tara Detwiler

Niveau: Certification avancée
Certification en mouvement
Téléphone: (416) 606-9803
Site de web:
Adresse: The Rolfing Center 470 Grace Street Toronto, Ontario M6G 3A9

Tara Detwiler was introduced to Rolfing in 1982, and after a profound experience from the work decided to study at the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in 1987 after completing her B.A. She has maintained a private practice in Rolfing and completed both her Rolf Movement certification in 1995 and her Advanced training in 1998.

« When I first received Rolfing I saw it as an intelligent bodywork that woke me up to an awareness of how I was moving and using my body. This exploration still continues and my enjoyment to explore somatics experiences has only grown. I really appreciate the wisdom underlying this work and feel blessed to share it with others in my practice.