Dean Bergstrom

Niveau: Certification avancée
Téléphone: (250) 638-2090
Adresse: Four Hands Body Renewal 2408 Cramer Street Terrace, British Columbia V8G 4H9

I started Rolfing back in the winter of 1998 and am approaching the 20 year mark but I am always amazed with the results of the Rolfing treatments. The clientele on the North Coast is very diverse with such an interesting mixture of cultures and lifestyles. Lots of people here live close to the land, fishing and hunting, harvesting all that this land has to offer. Of course with that comes lots of different injuries, some very serious while other injuries didn’t seem bad at first but as time went on the food gathering etc. became more difficult. Because we are so far north away from the big cities and what is regarded as proper health care in those bigger cities many people around here turn to our local practitioners for help and I have a very busy practice. In fact some of our local practitioners are so good people from the city when visiting up here make a point of searching us out for treatments!