CE Class Review: Guided Movement Techniques with Steven Radiloff

In December 2017, Steven Radiloff, a Certified Advanced Rolfer™ of 40 years, offered a CE for 2 manual (intermediate) credits on incorporating guided client movement in conjunction with hands-on work during sessions, as well as how to better see, evaluate and strategize patterns in a 360˚ view.


Benefits of incorporating guided client movement in sessions are:
  • Direct client involvement in the session creating a more conducive and inclusive participation in their own process and consciousness
  • Rolfer™ and client become more of a unified team
  • Enhancing the evolution and education of the client in their specific needs and goals
  • Reducing the “pain” factor of a passive client during the more challenging moments of change
The course was interesting, practical, and very useful. Incorporating the guided movement into my sessions was intuitive and easy to do. This course helped me to better « see » patterns in clients during body-readings, and to strategize what should be focused on during the session. I find that incorporating movement helps me to better see and feel what is happening in the client’s body (so I can feel if the knee wants to pull in or out with knee bends, can draw the client’s awareness to this, and can then help to correct this with manual manipulation). I can also use the movement to help ensure that joints are functioning in the proper planes of motion. « Put it where it belongs and ask for movement » (IPR). Should Steven offer this course again, I would recommend taking it. 


– Stephanie Brossard, Certified Rolfer™, B Comm, Certified yoga instructor.