CE Review: The Upper Thoracic Aperture with Juan David Vélez

This October, 2018, Juan David Vélez, a faculty member of the Rolf Institute, came to Toronto for the Upper Thoracic Aperture CE workshop. While the focus was on the territory of the upper thoracic aperture, the discussions, explorations, and strategies were of a more global nature. The CE covered the bio-mechanical paradigm and the more abstract concepts of body perception, cortical maps, and pain science to give a full picture of how our work affects and effects our clients. We learned new diagnostic techniques, and simple, effective interventions (sometimes direct and sometimes indirect). One of the main themes of the class was, appropriately, “integration”, and what that is.  Juan David talked about moving from the common symptom orientation towards a system integration orientation, demonstrating among other things how tension in the scalenes can originate in the pelvis. The CE workshop ran from October 19-21 and was 3 Intermediate credits for RISI/RAC, and 21 credits for AISI.

Juan David is an excellent speaker. He is open to discussions, answers questions clearly, and provides good demonstrations and assistance on how to apply the techniques. I found the content to be very interesting, useful, and easily applicable into my practice. The CE workshop provided me with additional diagnostic techniques and wonderful speaking points as education for clients.  Juan David also has a pelvic CE workshop, and everyone who attended this CE event, including myself, are looking forward to when he can return to Canada to speak on this topic. I would highly recommend taking one of Juan David’s CEs if you are able to. 

Stephanie Brossard, Certified Rolfer™


Advanced Training with Jan Sultan July 2018

I just want to mention once again about the AT class being taught by Jan Sultan in Fort Langley Canada beginning July 16th.


As I’m sure most of you know, Jan is one of the last lineage instructors we all have access to. I did my AT with Jan in New Mexico in ’83 and it clearly elevated my level of work, not only on a manipulative basis, but a much deeper and broader understanding and scope of the “Work”.


If it’s time for you to go to the next level and fulfill your commitment to completing the AT, you may not have another opportunity like this one.  This AT class is currently the most affordable opportunity in the world for Canadians!


Lastly, I will add that Jan has requested my assisting this class, which gives us about 85 years of non stop practice and experience between us. He and I are both very excited to be working together in the same room. As I’m sure you can imagine, I am being given the rare opportunity to come full circle on the anniversary of my 40th year of practice which began with Peter Melchior.


Come join us for a celebration of Dr. Rolf’s legacy as we challenge and expand your work now and for years to come.


Steven Radiloff MA MT  
Certified Advanced Rolfer


Life can be painful…suffering is optional

CE Class Review: Guided Movement Techniques with Steven Radiloff

In December 2017, Steven Radiloff, a Certified Advanced Rolfer™ of 40 years, offered a CE for 2 manual (intermediate) credits on incorporating guided client movement in conjunction with hands-on work during sessions, as well as how to better see, evaluate and strategize patterns in a 360˚ view.


Benefits of incorporating guided client movement in sessions are:
  • Direct client involvement in the session creating a more conducive and inclusive participation in their own process and consciousness
  • Rolfer™ and client become more of a unified team
  • Enhancing the evolution and education of the client in their specific needs and goals
  • Reducing the “pain” factor of a passive client during the more challenging moments of change
The course was interesting, practical, and very useful. Incorporating the guided movement into my sessions was intuitive and easy to do. This course helped me to better “see” patterns in clients during body-readings, and to strategize what should be focused on during the session. I find that incorporating movement helps me to better see and feel what is happening in the client’s body (so I can feel if the knee wants to pull in or out with knee bends, can draw the client’s awareness to this, and can then help to correct this with manual manipulation). I can also use the movement to help ensure that joints are functioning in the proper planes of motion. “Put it where it belongs and ask for movement” (IPR). Should Steven offer this course again, I would recommend taking it. 


– Stephanie Brossard, Certified Rolfer™, B Comm, Certified yoga instructor.


New Board of Directors join RAC


Elections Results for the Board of Directors:

Thank you to you!  38% of our membership voted at our December 2017 elections and we welcome back:

– Beatrice Hollinshead
– Craig Tracy

And new to the board, we welcome:

– Brent Scrivner
– Steven Radiloff

They join Stephanie Brossard and Lina Hack to make a board of six members.

Thank you to:
Charlene Yeh, Marie-José Leclerc, Miranda Dayvis-Greenacre, and Troy Taylor who all graciously gave their time to the RAC board in 2017.

New Name!

We are no longer the CRA! On September 17th, 2017 at the SGM the membership voted to change the name from the Canadian Rolfing® Association to the Rolfing® Association of Canada. The french name: Association canadienne de Rolfing® remains the same. The rationale for the name change was to avoid being confused the with Canadian Revenue Agency, as we shared the same acronym: CRA. By changing the name to the Rolfing® Association of Canada, we can use the acronym, RAC, thus avoiding any confusion. The name change has now been made official, so fellow Rolfers™, if you mention the association on your websites, please make sure you update your website with the new name!

Dr. Ida P. Rolf

“We are not truly upright, we are only on our way to being upright. One of the jobs of a Rolfer™ is to speed that process along. Where gravity reinforces and is a friend, a nourishing force.”
– Dr. Ida P. Rolf

Toronto Yoga Trade Show

April 2017

The public who attended the Toronto Yoga Trade show and conference had opportunity to meet Rolfers™ at the  Rolfing® Association of Canada booth.