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$250 à $750

décembre 2, 2017 @ 12:00 - décembre 3, 2017 @ 11:59

Steven Radiloff – Guided Movement Techniques: How to engage a client with less effort and better results

A 4 day continuing education (CE) class

with Steven Radiloff, MA, MT, Certified Advanced Rolfer

Open to all Rolfing® Practitioners Credits: 4 RISI manipulation and/or elective credits Date: November 9 – 12, 2017 Location: Vancouver, BC, CANADA Cost: $750 CAD Please make cheques payable to the « Rolfing Association of Canada », or send an e-transfer to (please email us the password). RAC’s new mailing address is: Suite 289, 17008-90 Ave, Edmonton AB, T5R 1L6.

Class Description:

Participants will learn how to utilize guided movement in conjunction with many of the manipulative Rolfing techniques, as well as how to better see, evaluate and strategize patterns in a 360˚ view. The benefits using this process include:  – Direct client involvement in the session creating a more conducive and inclusive participation in their own process and consciousness – Rolfer™ and client become more of a unified team – Enhancing the evolution and education of the client in their specific needs and goals – Reducing the “pain” factor of a passive client during the more challenging moments of change This class will assist every practitioner in the evolution, efficiency and effectiveness of their work. There is often much less physical effort required at those particular moments and junctures when individuation of tissue is essential and necessary. Levels of resistance, imbalance and functional compensation are also more easily recognized and addressed. With appropriate movement, joints open more easily and freely. One can feel the active release of strain, impingement and resistance between muscle groups and fascial planes.  Accessing the “deeper” layers also becomes easier, and as a result, greater ability to focus more specifically. As a result, more can be accomplished in a shorter amount of time in each session.


Début :
décembre 2, 2017 @ 12:00
Fin :
décembre 3, 2017 @ 11:59
Prix :
$250 à $750
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Rolfing Association of Canada
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