About the Canadian Rolfing Association®

The Canadian Rolfing Association (CRA) was formed in July 2007 to support Rolfers in Canada. Previously Canadian Rolfers worked solely under the auspices of The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration® in Colorado.

The purpose of the CRA is to meet the education and organization needs of a growing body of Canadian Rolfers.
  • Education
    • Promote Rolfing practice in Canada.
    • Educate the Canadian public about Rolfing structural integration.
    • Inform and educate Canadian institutions, corporations, and government bodies about Rolfing practice.
    • Develop workshops and courses for Canadian Rolfers.
    • Facilitate Rolfing research in Canada.
  • Organization
    • Create community among Canadian Rolfers.
    • Give Canadian Rolfers a united voice on issues of mutual interest.
    • Control the direction and development of the practice in Canada.
    • Improve the public’s access to Rolfers by making it easy to find or refer to a Canadian Rolfer.

Board of Directors

Beatrice HollinsheadBeatrice
Marie-José LeclercMarie-José
Troy TaylorTroy
Miranda Dayvis GreenacreMiranda
Lina HackLina
Stephanie BrossardStephanie
We, the volunteer board members of the Canadian Rolfing Association are interested in serving the needs of Canadian Rolfers and building community within our profession. We hope to raise awareness of Rolfing practices in Canada and educate the public in distinguishing the Rolfing approach from other forms of bodywork.

We encourage and are excited to see Canadian Rolfers hosting continuing education workshops in their area, as part of on-going support for practitioners, and public exposure. We hope to eventually establish formal certification training in Canada.