Join the Canadian Rolfing Association®

Joining the CRA is easy, once you are certified by The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration®. Contact us with your details and we will help make it happen.

Benefits of membership

  • Be able to practise Rolfing structural integration in Canada.
  • Be part of a professional community across the country.
  • Help to develop the direction of the practice in Canada.
  • Take or offer courses in Canada.
  • Get listed on the Canadian Rolfing Association Web site.
  • Stay informed through the Canadian Rolfing newsletter, as well as Fascial Flashes, the quarterly newsletter exclusively for Rolfers from the The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration. Your membership also gains you access to the quarterly journal (Rolf Lines) Structural Integration: The Journal of the Rolf Institute and access to Continuing Education programs for Rolfers.
After your graduation and certification as a Rolfer, you will be able to join The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration membership and the Canadian Rolfing Association. You will be able to use the service marks Canadian Rolfing Association®, Rolfing® , Rolf Institute® , The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration® , Little Boy Logo, and Certified Rolfer™.

Additional requirements

Adherence to the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice is a requirement of affiliation. Additional rights and obligations of affiliation with The Rolf Institute are stated in the Rolfing Training Master Agreement.