Become a Rolfer

The Canadian Rolfing Association® (CRA) has members from all walks of life—health professionals, iron man athletes, loggers, artists, etc. Many of these members became practitioners after resolving their own health issues through their Rolfing experience.

What Rolfers do

rolfing Clients have various needs, from dealing with chronic pain to improving athletic performance. Using one of the most effective and powerful methods of manual therapy, Rolfers practice this unique form of bodywork to help their clients improve their physical structure and function.

Rolfers with the CRA are certified professionals. A high standard is maintained through licensing, mandatory ongoing training, and continuous research. As the field continues to expand, so do the demands on Rolfers to stay current and take on new client issues.

Requirements for certification

People interested in becoming certified Rolfers undergo a specialized training program with the Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colorado. Applicants should have the following to be accepted:
  • a university or college degree (the Rolf Institute will consider related life experience on a case by case basis.)
  • completion of the Rolfing Structural Integration 10 series.
  • completion of the Rolf Movement™ series.
  • an interview with a designated representative of the Rolf Institute.
For more information see the Rolf Institute’s student policy section and the
Rolf Institute's basic training page.