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Rolfing® Structural Integration is a hands-on therapy that focuses on aligning the body in the gravitational field.

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The Canadian Rolfing® Association (CRA) is the professional association that represents Rolfers™ doing the practice of Rolfing® Structural Integration in Canada.

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I just want to mention once again about the AT class being taught by Jan Sultan in Fort Langley Canada beginning July 16th.   As I’m sure most of you know, Jan is one of the last lineage instructors we all have access to. I did my AT with Jan in New Mexico in ’83 and it clearly elevated my level of work, not only on a manipulative basis, but a much deeper and broader understanding and scope of the &hellip read more

In December 2017, Steven Radiloff, a Certified Advanced Rolfer™ of 40 years, offered a CE for 2 manual (intermediate) credits on incorporating guided client movement in conjunction with hands-on work during sessions, as well as how to better see, evaluate and strategize patterns in a 360˚ view.   Benefits of incorporating guided client movement in sessions are: Direct client involvement in the session creating a more conducive and inclusive participation in their own process and consciousness Rolfer™ and client become &hellip read more

  Elections Results for the Board of Directors: Thank you to you!  38% of our membership voted at our December 2017 elections and we welcome back: – Beatrice Hollinshead – Craig Tracy And new to the board, we welcome: – Brent Scrivner – Steven Radiloff They join Stephanie Brossard and Lina Hack to make a board of six members. Thank you to: Charlene Yeh, Marie-José Leclerc, Miranda Dayvis-Greenacre, and Troy Taylor who all graciously gave their time to the RAC &hellip read more